About Us

Welcome to Lo88oWho we are

Lo88o Inc is a US Company incorporated in Delaware.

We are a dynamic team of professionals collaborating together online but living in France, Romania, Macedonia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ukraine, India, Bangladesh and the USA respectively. Over long careers we have each developed a very particular set of skills that, when combined, are uniquely useful to the Company.

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on the lives of others.


Lo88o wants to delight and entertain smartphone and tablet users globally. With this in mind we have developed Mega Jackpot App.

Mega Jackpot App enables smartphone and tablet users in the USA to play to win Cash Prizes (that are paid into their bank accounts within 7 days of their win) in exchange for using only their Real Identity (First Name, Last Name, Age and Gender) in our free Sweepstake game.

At Lo88o we want to get your permission and trust to show you app videos for apps that you might like. If you watch the app video or install the app being advertised then we get paid. Whatever happens you always play for free and always have the opportunity to play to win a cash prize that is paid into your bank account within 7 days if you win. For every USD $100 we receive we add USD $75 to the Mega Jackpot Jackpot in real-time for you to play to win.


The attention of Smartphone and Tablet users is becoming increasingly valuable to Advertisers. Mobile Marketers spent USD $5 – $6 billion dollars just on mobile app install campaigns in 2017 in the United States alone. Historically, the US has accounted for 30% – 50% of the annual advertising spend for the global app install market.

Many companies are spending millions of dollars per month to generate App installs. Why are they paying for players to install their Apps? Because a small percentage of players – the “whales” – will spend boatloads on extras within these games, like extra lives, in-game currency, weapons, and many other virtual items. Some players will spend USD $50 – $100 on a single game per month. Therefore, spending a few dollars to reach a single user is worth it via a banner ad or a mobile video.


At anytime you can delete your Mega Jackpot account and all of your Personal Information, including your Real Identity (First Name, Last Name, Age and Gender) and History, will also be irrevocably deleted. At Lo88o we believe that all decisions regarding your Data including your Personal Information and Historical Selections should always belong to you. Our relationship with you is entirely permission based.